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Emineo worked with a variety of beach safety stakeholders and subject matter experts which was key during product development of the Obvservation Towers. This allowed us to refine a design that was fit for purpose and cost effective to cater for one-off or broad deployment.

In 2017, we commenced work on validating a prototype. Extensive testing followed before a completed Observation Tower was installed at City Beach, Western Australia.

Our Observation Towers have a higher-level viewing point than other towers currently in Western Australia and the Sentry 4 model  goes beyond the standard tower size to accommodate four lifeguards. 

The Observation Towers are not a one-size-fits-all design. 

Using a modular system presents endless possibilities for customisation. The main customised feature is the stairway, which can be fitted to either side or parallel with the front of the tower. 

In the winter months, the platforms can be taken down and stored in a 20ft sea container. It only requires two people to install or take down each platform. Depending on the pathway, a platform can easily be towed to another location. Other options include:​

  • solar packs 

  • enclosed base (for storage)

  • 360 degree viewing

  • custom interior cabinets

  • storage boxes

  • board holders

  • camera 

  • PA system

  • pull out awnings

  • flag holders


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